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the bizarre new journey for michaele salahi. >> would you be confirmed -- would you be concerned if someone did not show up for several hours. why she is walking in memphis tonight. right on a flight. a supreme court justice goes down a slide. a maryland student is a salted.
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>> i am john gonzales with where it happened and the concern. friends from afar? what you may not have to friends someone on facebook to see what they are posting. >> this is abc7 news at 11:00, on your side. an alert for parents after a 13-year-old girl tells parents she was insulted by two men. john gonzalez is live tonight. >> no matter what, this is horrific and unacceptable. perhaps more believable if that happened in the middle of the night. police say it happened during a time when children were heading home from school yesterday afternoon. police have not identified the victim or her family. they have sketches of the suspects. it was here on aberdeen court where a 14-year-old crofton girl was walking her dog when she was
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approached by two men and sexually assaulted. >> is nerve wracking because there are a lot of girls and kids in this area. they are all over. normally, we let them play outside by themselves. >> sexually assaulted in broad daylight. tonight officers are still canvassing the neighborhood, looking for the suspect and talking with neighbors. police have released two composite sketches. >> i walk alone at night and i have never felt threatened or afraid. it is terrible. i cannot imagine how scared she must have felt. >> the suspects left the area and an older model four-door vehicle with red paint. police have been busy answering calls from unnerved residents. >> you feel for the family and the little girl that happen to. >> she was walking her dogs with her husband by her side. >> it makes me think about
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whether i want to go that route of walking by myself. >> again, police were back out here in the neighborhood. it appears they do have some leads, but no arrests tonight. in the meantime, the young victim was treated at a local hospital and released. live in crofton. now we go to storm watch tonight. >> are more problems on the way tonight? our meteorologist joins us with a first look. >> here is the first look from the weather center. there are heavy storms along the 5:00 and 6:00 hours. the only heavy stuff left is out west. that will continue to impact parts of the city and metro area -- they may not see any rain at all. you will see a fresh chance tomorrow with a second cold
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front. more showers and cooler air and the really cool air moves in in time for the weekend. in inwood, they are seeing golf- ball-sized hail. overnight, partly cloudy skies. we will talk more about this preview of the fall whether that is on the way in a couple of minutes. new at 11:00, a call for answers in the huntington section at a week after devastating floods destroyed dozens of homes. because of flooding in the first place will not be fixed. we are live in alexandria have right now. >> huntington has seen more and more of these devastating floods. it has gotten so bad that folks back into this government all to figure -- back into this
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government hall to figure out how to solve it. >> 4 huntington residents the stakes are huge. last week's flood drowned their community, so they packed a hearing room tonight to figure out a long-term solution. among the attendees was duane jones. we were there when crews rescued his family from his home. >> ever since the last flood we have watched the weather channel every day for at least five hours per day. my son is scared to death. >> me and my family in need to move out and get a new place. >> that may be the best solution. the community is considering lifting the conservation plan to allow developers to construct high rises built for flooding. they would have to leave their
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beloved community. >> for the first time, my wife and i felt at home in a community. >> the other option is to get the county to build a levee. it would probably not get enough votes to pass. they have talked about this for years and have seen nothing but broken promises. >> 12 years ago -- >> even if they could get the votes for a levy, it could take five years to do that. the buyout could happen a lot sooner. live in alexandria. a prince william county teacher is accused of helping four teenagers escape from a facility in manassas. timothea dzan allegedly provided information on how they could escape the juvenile detention facility. she is charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor. a powerful lawmaker it
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suggests new or higher taxes may be on the way. the taxation committee says the state will need to substantially raise revenue to make up for a $1 billion shortfall. the governor will have to submit a plan to address the issue in his budget proposal in january. a spokeswoman says all options will be discussed. president obama made a stop in raleigh, north carolina today to discuss his jobs bill. >> some marines were quoted as saying that even if they agreed to some of the things in this bill, they do not want to pass it because it would give me a win. give me a win? give me a break. >> top republicans say they do not like the jobs plan because it -- because of tax rises on top earners. the president is urging quick
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action. we have an update on the dedication of the martin luther king jr. memorial. organizers are planning for a stronger -- a smaller crowd. they expected 250,000 people for the original date but hurricane irene forced organizers to delay. the dedication is set for october 16. now about 50,000 people are expected to attend. coming up -- a serious plans care at dulles airport. a supreme court justice happened to be on board. michaele salahi's husband is upset. the call to police, the fbi investigation, and where the top couple stands tonight. [ female announcer ] this is steve and lynn and they have a good question. can the aetna app make you healthier? well,w that all depends on what you do with it. and there's an awful lot you can do with it. access your medical history, view
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we are learning more about the latest drama involving michaele salahi. this is video from a fund- raising event a few years ago. it appears michaele salahi has opened her arms to a member of the band journey. we have learned michaele salahi is in memphis and has apparently gotten together with an old boyfriend, journeyed guitarist. her departure gained national attention when her husband reported her missing. the warren county sheriff's deputy and the fbi investigated the clues but they contacted her by phone and determined to was not in any harm. we spoke with her husband's attorney. >> this is a case of mr. saudi -- mr. salahi crying wolf.
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he got the media spot up for what sounded like it was just a couple having marital issues. >> as i said from the beginning of my statement, and i will conclude with this, he is concerned for her safety. >> they gained international attention after the crash a white house state dinner in 2009. they also starred in a version of real housewives. as for journey they played at a polo match organized by them in 2007. tonight, at a hollywood a- list accept -- actress in the center of an fbi investigation. you may find a new group of facebook friends without giving your permission. which supreme job -- which supreme court justice
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>> you are watching abc news at
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11 with leon harris, alison starling, bob ryan, and tim brant. abc7 news of 11:00, on your side. we are learning about the flight that was evacuated that ruth bader ginsburg was on board. >> this happened over at dulles and it began when passengers saw smoke and alerted south on the plane. we all live outside the airport with dramatic details and reaction. >> here in the newsroom, ruth bader ginsburg proved her medal today when she was forced to evacuate a plane. while taxing to the runway, flight 586 ran into a bit of trouble when smoke started pouring from a damaged engine. all 179 passengers were forced to evacuate by sliding down emergency chutes.
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>> you never know when it is going to have to happen. >> it just so happens of one of those passengers was u.s. supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg . a spokesman of the court says the 78-year-old is fine. she has struggled in years past with health issues including bouts with cancer. >> it is stressing for anyone to do that, but especially for someone at that level of government. >> passengers departing from and arriving to dulles told us that they were relieved that the justice navigated her way safely without injury. >> i am glad she made it off. she is elderly. it is a bit of a wild ride going down those things. >> airport officials say three people did suffer minor injuries while evaluating. live in the newsroom. new at 11:00. the sdi -- the fbi has
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investigated attacks on celebrities. tmz reports the latest victim is scarlett johansson. several nude photos were posted on the internet this morning believed to be taken from her front. 7 is on your side with an important colored about facebook. they are making some big changes to their features. you do not have to be friends with someone to see their status updates. now, you can simply click on a subscribe button to see people's publicly presented status updates. others will see only your updates if you allow them to subscribe. >> if dubbed -- if doug use the weather like this, he will be everybody's friend. it will be a couple of days before we get above 80 again. definitely some cool changes
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away. let's take a look at what is happening around the area. let's go to our computer and -- i forgot we are going to see the lightning we will have out of dulles. there is the control tower. a lovely control tower it is. it took several hours to get the rain to move from western loudon county to the eastern end. that is what we have been watching. take a look at our weather bug. here is what we have had. a little trip not far away on the west side of town. there is no rain at michelle rhee elementary school. they may not get any. is slower-moving and diminishing. fairly moderate down short --
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fairly moderate downpours right now. the heaviest downpour is still pretty light. the area is diminishing as it moves east. the suburbs may receive no rain at all. 87 degrees and 68 degrees were the high and low today. a very mild night. look what happens the farther west you go. you get behind the second cold front. tuesday in michigan, temperatures have been dropping. 22 degrees cooler right now than they were at this time last night. meanwhile, on the east side of the front temperatures are a bit warmer than this time yesterday. here is tomorrow's weather. a secondary from coming in with more showers. we will start with sunshine but we will be seeing clouds, showers, and thunderstorms throughout the day.
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clouds will increase as the storm's approach. look at this -- highs of only 73 degrees-78 degrees. we are getting into real fall- like weather. a beautiful weekend. partly cloudy, copper-'60s, lower-'70s. -- copper-'60s, lower-'70s. we all kinds of weather maps on our web site plus photographs of handsome meteorologist. [laughter] >> that is worth going on the website right there. anderson cooper's new tv show debuted on monday. >> we have a look at anderson
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the famed wax museum has a new statue on display. it is anderson cooper. the figure took three months to build and was unveiled in the new york location today. his reaction was "is this what i really look like? i look kind of like a jerk." >> at least he had a shirt on. the maryland terrapins will tell us what uniforms they are wearing against west virginia. the nationals put together another fine performance.
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>> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. the nationals of 14 in a row. they're playing good baseball right now. here is the ballgame right now. morse since a sizzler into right field. it was 2-0 in the ninth.
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here is a rocket. rick in kiel -- rick ankiel with a diving catch. let's go to baltimore for the red-hot braves versus the orioles. his 20th home run of the year, his third in three games the orioles beat the raise 6-2. the redskins went back to work today. landry having problems with the hamstring. much of the talk was about the 420 yards that aboutcam newton on on the redskins.
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>> i was watching that film. they are not as bad as people think. they try to make it seem -- that had a lot of mistakes. as we head into the weekend and the terrapins game versus west virginia. everyone wants to know what uniforms they wear. they will wear the black-on- black uniforms and the players love them. one of the concerns is that it absorbs the heat, but it is supposed to be a cool day. here is head coach. >> these are the ones i like the best. i think the captains have done a good job. we have such good combinations but to me, this one sticks out in my mind. >> this is a whale of a weekend in college football.
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obama plays at florida state. you cannot get a ticket to that 60 miles away. notre dame and michigan state will play. it is time to play big boy ball.
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[ male announcer ] washington, d.c. a landmark of liberty and opportunity. at bank of america, we live and work here with thousands of employees and hundreds of branches and atms. every day, we're working to help set opportunity in motion... from supporting the arts and howard university to helping revitalize anacostia and downtown d.c. because when you're giving lending, and investing in more communities across the country, more opportunities happen. ♪ ♪
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the showers are continuing to diminish. we will start the day with sunshine. we will have a fresh update for you tomorrow. >> that is it for us tonight.
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